Brothers Amati viola - 15 3/4" antiqued finish

Brothers Amati viola – 15 3/4″ – antiqued finish

New 15 3/4” Viola modelled on Brothers Amati 1620 with Antique finish.

Decreasing the length has certainly not had any effect on its tonal qualities and I have found that it has worked out really well. It still projects a large sound but allows the slightly smaller musician to play with additional comfort. Super easy to pull a great clean sound even close to the bridge.

Back length 15 3/4″

Upper rib height 37 mm

Upper bout 188 mm

Middle bout 124 mm

Lower bout 234 mm

Neck length 144 mm

Vibrating string length 370 mm

If you would prefer a larger instrument take a look at my Andrea Guarneri model.

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A testimonial from Sarah Evans

Took my rather sad and neglected handmade violin to Edward and he took it apart, removed the old glue including the lining, and stuck it all back together again. He added some new better quality pegs and tailpiece, sound post, bridge and filed the nut down as it was very high.

My violin is now a musical instrument again and I am very happy.

Would recommend highly.

Violin repair