Stradivari Model 2020

Stradivari Model 2020

This is a beautiful violin! Finished at the start of 2020 and already developing a great sound, slightly dark and with a good level of power.

Made with a one piece European maple back of deep medium flame of which the ribs and head replicate.

The front is mode of the traditional spruce with medium grain.

As with the Rogeri finished in 2019 this one is finished with my latest oil varnish and finishing process allowing the golden glow of the ground through.

Currently set up with Evah Pirazzi strings and ready for you to try on approval.

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A testimonial from Theo May, Wiltshire

Edward’s Del Gesu model is the perfect violin for me! It has an incredible range of sound colours, great depth, resonance and response. It is also incredibly flexible, moulding to my every musical thought.

New handmade violin styled on Del Gesu